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In order to become a member of the internet service, the customer is required to provide us with some basic information which is used for billing purposes. This information is recorded on the application form. We ask for the customers first and last names, postal address and telephone number. We also require that the customer provide some form of ID, usually a drivers license, as proof of identity and age over 18 years.
Depending on the services required, the details of a valid credit card may also be recorded on this form.
The information from this form is then entered into our electronic billing system and the original form stored in a secure location. are the sole owners of this information, and we warrant that the information provided by our customers is not shared with any other company or business. When required, we will co-operate with law enforcement officials and make available any customer information to the relevent authorities.
The information in our electronic billing system can only be accessed by authorised staff using passwords, or by the customer using their own username and password from the world wide web interface. Measures have been taken to ensure that this information cannot be obtained by unauthorised persons.
This information is used solely for billing and debt collection purposes.


Your online usage of the service is tracked only for the purposes of billing.
Our Billing System records the date, time, length of call and amount of data transferred.
We do not actively log or monitor any other aspect of your online session.
At the time of writing, no part of the world wide web service will place a 'cookie' on your computer.
Please note that sites visited by our customers on the internet may apply different policies with regards to information collection. This is beyond the control of the service provider.


When a customer indicates to us that they no longer wish to be a member of the service, once the accounting is finalised, we will remove their registration information from our electronic billing system and destroy the original application form.

Last Updated October 2008